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Another thing I want

There's three issues so far. How is the dress on the cover not totally lolita worthy? If not right away at least with some alterations.


I'm trying hard to be more active in egland on my poupee girl account.
Hopefully no one hates me for it XD
I'm trying to actaully read my friend's page.
Hopefully no one hates me for not doing that earlier.
Also I'm trying really hard to stay on the ball about learning French.

Cinderella's Slippers

I happen to be in my local Burlington Coat Factory today when I stumbled across shoes quite similar to these on the left. Though the color was quite different, navy with cranberry-esque colored ribbon and it was a buckle. Flats like them are not that hard to find with a quick search on large shoe sites but I'm so going to make a pair of my own! The ones to the left are also nitey-nine dollars. Not worth it! The boots I want to might be but not those. I can get navy flats at old navy for ten and then embellish them.

Also a member of egl posted a link to a Rococo Part Kit, which is rather nice for free print outs. I might use them for the big meet up I'm hopefully planning in June or November.
You can view the Party Kit, Gift Tags and Wallpaper here.



Oh I found these boots Report "Dutchess" Boot I think they'd be cute for everyday wear. I'll purchase a pair hopefully when I get a job/some money. Considering the cheapest I've found them is $109.99 so it's not like I can ask someone to get them for me. Though I wish I could!

Peachy Keen

On a recent trip to Boston I was gifted six of one of the most fragrant teas. Revolution Sweet Ginger Peach. I'm really disappointed at myself later on though. I passed up on these small golden packages in the belief they were coffee. I'm obviously not a fan. The next morning how ever I was informed it was dutch hot chocolate.


Full time Lolita Goal

Here's my work in progress wardrobe list. This list is obviously what I've put together in hopes of building a complete wardrobe. I'm basing my choices on a mainly semi-casual country/hime style with more elaborate pieces for meet ups. Instead of fallowing most list of weekend, work and evening I've chosen daily wear, work safe and meet ups. This list will be changed and updated as frequent as possible.

2 All Season Skirts *
1 Everyday to Meet Up Skirt
2 Summer Skirts *
1 Velvet Skirt
1 Black Skirt +

2 White Cutsews
4 Tank Tops
1 Striped Cutsews
1 Polo
3 Solid Cutsews
4 Fun Cutsews

6 Extremely Casual Blouses
7 Blouses
4 Meet Up Blouses

4 JSKs
2 Meet Up JSKs
2 Work Safe JSKs
4 OPs
2 Meet Up OPs
2 Work Safe OPs

2 Pull Overs
2 Cardigans
1 Turtleneck
2 Hoodies
2 Meet Up Sweaters

3 Pairs of Cropped
3 Pair of Shorts
3 Decorative (meant for wearing alone) Bloomers
1 Pair of Black Slacks +

2 Solid Suits
1 Plaid Suit
1 Velvet Suit

1 Everyday Purse
1 Work Safe Purse
1 Laptop Case
1 Meet Up Purse
1 Small Meet Up Purse
1 Straw Purse

1 Pair of Boots
1 Pair of Meet Up Boots
1 Pair of Rains Boots
5 Pairs of Flats
1 Pair of Loafers
2 Pairs of Meet Up Shoes
1 Pair of Sandals

2 Cropped Jackets
2 Fun Print Jackets
1 Velvet Cloak
1 Wool Cloak
2 Vests

1 Overcoat
1 Meet Up Overcoat
! Transitional Coat
1 Meet Up Transitional Coat

* Based off pattern rather then material
+ Added for work safety




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